Ambient Music Releases of the Week: May 31, 2024

Umbel – loscil

This is the third in a series of photo/music projects by Vancouver-based loscil (Scott Morgan). Umbel combines a photo zine that collects a series of full colour photos taken with long exposures in the dwindling light of dusk under a blossoming maple tree and an album (CD or digital).

A Thread, Silvered and Trembling – Drew McDowall

Coil’s Drew McDowall, like in much of his work, was inspired by the elegiac solo bagpipe style called pibroch (ceòl mòr in Gaelic). He weaves electronic processing with an orchestral ensemble to create a tapestry of solemn moods and uneasy crescendos.

Selene – Akira Kosemura & Lawrence English

The first collaboration from renowned artists and composers, Akira Kosemura (Japan) and Lawrence English (Australia). Selene sounds and feels like an introspective celestial journey through our own desire to know what’s found in the great expanse of space.

The Fish Factory Sessions – Greg Foat & Gigi Masin

UK jazzman Greg Foat and Italian electronic artist Gigi Masin join forces for this live performance recorded at Antonio Feola’s beloved Fish Factory Studios in London, in August 2022. The Fish Factory Sessions, an exclusive release for Record Store Day 2024.

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