Ambient Music Releases of the Week: April 5, 2024

Sky Within Us – Various Artists

For its 75th and final release, Toronto-based ambient label Polar Seas has put out a digital compilation album featuring the label’s friends and collaborators. All proceeds will be donated to FLAP Canada, for the protection of birds against collisions with buildings.

Reflections In Repose –Steve Roach

Steve Roach’s latest release, Reflections In Response, was created over two evenings at the Timehouse, Baja Arizona, the eve of Christmas 2023, and was recorded in the same sequence as presented on the two discs’ 116 minutes. The five long-form tracks were performed on a single instrument — the Oberheim OB-X8 — the modern spiritual successor of the iconic Oberheim OB-8 which Steve used 40 years ago in the making of his classic piece Structures from Silence.

Kujyuu – Michiru Aoyama

Michiru Aoyama, the Kyoto-based ambient artist known for writing, recording, and releasing “an album a day”, has released another of his digital albums with an über-design living room on the cover, Kujyuu.