Playlist: June 6th, 2013

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Death – 3 black brothers playing punk rock

Before there was even such a thing as punk music, three black brothers with a band by the name of Death were playing hardcore in Detroit. After recording an album, they quickly disbanded when no one would sign them because of their name and that they were black teens playing white-boy rock instead of the Motown music that was in vogue. The story of the “first black punk band” is chronicled in a new documentary called A Band Called Death. Here’s the trailer:


Playlist: May 8

Individual tracks:

“Pusha Man (Paranoia)” – Nosay Thing & Chance the Rapper
“Heartbreaks + Setbacks” – Thundercat
“Bring You Back” – Beacon
“Doused” – DIIV
“All Your Gold” – Bat For Lashes
“I Bought My Eyes” – Ty Segall Band
“Sail to the Sun” – Wavves
“Song For Zula” – Phosphorescent


Mitz Takahashi

Mitz Takahashi is a Montreal-based furniture designer/maker/artist who works with mostly recycled wood and materials.

Above is his Hallway Console II, made from reclaimed Cherry, Walnut, Birch, Mahogany, Maple. Here’s some more of his great furniture and household accessories.

coasters medieval assholes 2
shoerack laminated1
stool 1

Movember Starts Today

Movember starts today. I decided to become a Mo Bro a little while ago. This morning I’ll be clean shaven. By the end of Movember I’ll look like Tom Selleck. OK, maybe my moustache won’t be that full, but it’ll be there. I’ve setup a little Movember page here, but you can donate here. Thanks!


Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth Eating a Doughnut

For whatever reason this animated GIF exists. I wonder what type of doughnut Thurston was eating…

[Via: a whole boat-load of tumblr pages]

Gary Coleman: Big in Venezuela

Gary Coleman Big in Venezuela

A co-worker told me Gary Coleman was big in Venezuela and I thought this. Need to get a t-shirt made.


New Blu-Ray Star Wars Episode One CGI Yoda VS. the original puppet

Star Wars Blu-Ray, CGI Yoda vs Old Puppet Yoda
I think the old puppet Yoda looks so much more realistic

If I’d wanted all that computer game bullshit, I’d have gone home and stuck my dick in my Nintendo.